Online personal training has been increasing in popularity for many years and is perfect for busy, results driven professionals.

Do any of these Describe you?

  • I would like 1 on 1 personal training but don’t have the time
  • I would like accountability for my training
  • I know how to exercise but need guidance with a workout plan
  • I need guidance and accountability for my nutrition

If so, then online personal training may be for you. Online personal training is perfect for busy, results driven professionals. If you find you’re busy with work and home life, you may not be able to arrange a time to meet with a personal trainer. Ideally you would be able to meet at the same time every week but life doesn’t operate that way. When you choose online personal training you have the same quality fitness solutions at your finger tips at your convenience. Here are some of the benefits of online personal training.

  • Accountability for training and nutrition
  • Bespoke workout and nutrition
  • Ongoing support
  • Cost effective


It is well documented that humans find it easiest to take the path of least resistance. With the best intentions, if you are following a new workout plan it is likely that you are motivated as soon as you start but after a few days you find yourself lacking the motivation to continue. We understand life is busy, distractions can get in the way and it can be difficult to remain on track.

That’s where online personal training comes in. We arrange an initial consultation via telephone/video call to really get know more about you and your goals. We arrange realistic and attainable goals regarding nutrition and training and devise a workout and nutrition plan for you to follow. Nutrition and all workout data are tracked so that appropriate changes can be made on a daily/weekly basis to ensure you’re meeting your goals. We arrange two video calls each month to make sure that you are staying on track and discuss how progress is going. Communication is key in online training to ensure accountability and progress. We make sure telephone and email support is available throughout should you ever have any questions that needs answered.

What you can expect working with our online personal training:

  • ongoing-support-icon
    Ongoing support We are here to help any time of the day with any queries you have or any extra help you need in your fitness journey because we care.
  • Expert-advice-icon
    Expert advice Years of personal training experience available at your fingertips.
  • Communication-icon
    Communication We arrange video conversations so we can discuss progress face to face.
  • Workout-icon
    Workout and nutrition A workout and nutrition plan based around you and your lifestyle to ensure you meet your goals.
  • Freedom-of-location-and-time-icon
    Freedom of location and time Away from home or on the move? Access workouts wherever and whenever.
  • 1 Month

  • £99
  • 3 Months

  • £249
  • 6 Months

  • £450

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