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5 Best Health & Fitness Apps

5 best apps

We all know we should be exercising for health and fitness. It reduces stress, makes you stronger and improves your quality of life. Its great to have somebody help you along the way. But what if you don’t have somebody to help you along the way? There’s an app for that. GymGoal Probably the most […]

If You Had To Pick One…


I have been asked quite a few times ‘If you had to choose one exercise, which would it be?’ There is no one exercise to rule them all. There are certain exercises to be used for different situations. What is the training goal? Size? Strength? Speed? Power? While this completely dependant on the context, I […]

Dealing With Injuries


Dealing with an injury is extremely frustrating. It’s a physical and physiological battle, that can dent confidence and even instil fear. This happened to me recently when I strained my back. For anyone who has had back pain before, you will know how frustrating it is, affecting not just your ability to perform exercises in […]

Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter

winter body

We all want to look good for the summer when the sun is shining or when you are on holiday at the beach. Most people hop on some sort of short and extreme nutrition/fitness programme in the hope for an easy quick fix. Not only can that be unhealthy for the body, but it’s also […]

Avoid the Christmas Binge

Christmas dinner

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s easy to overeat all the tasty food lying around. We all look forward to the holidays for family togetherness and spiritual celebration but for some it’s eating and drinking in excess. While the latter can make you full on the outside, it can leave you feeling empty in […]

Track Your Progress!


If you’re serious about making a change in your life and getting in shape then I cannot stress the importance of tracking your progress. It’s an important tool to make sure you are staying on track and holds you accountable for your actions. Don’t be that person who goes through the motions when they workout. […]

Is It Important To Be Strong?


I’ve heard it countless times before. I don’t want to be strong I just want to look good. When someone is improving their physique they are getting stronger no matter. Muscles grow by gradually increasing stress over time. Strength and muscle go hand in hand. I see this a lot with women. They shy away […]

Detox and Cleanses: Legit or Scam?


  Fad diets come and go. Ones that always seem to resurface are detox and cleanses. With promises of a quick fix and celebrity endorsements, detox diets seem to have quite a following. They usually go something like this: Eat only fruit and vegetable smoothies 3 times a day to cleanse the body of toxins […]

Stress and How to Avoid It

Everyone has stress. It’s a normal part of life. Whether it’s meeting deadlines at work or mental stress such as illness to loved one, stress can have a negative impact on your mind and body. In response to these strains the stress hormone cortisol is released in the body, increasing blood pressure, heart rate and […]