How often can I have a DEXA scan?

You can have a DEXA scan once every 12 weeks.

Where does the DEXA scan take place.

The address for the DEXA scan:
Bodyscan at London Medical
49 Marylebone High Street

Is a DEXA scan safe?

A DEXA scan is completely safe. The radiation dose from a DEXA scan is less than eating a small bag of brazil nuts or taking a flight to Rome.


Which areas do you work in?

We cover in central and south west London. Our location page shows where we work.

Personal Training

Do I need to bring anything to my training sessions?

You don’t need to bring anything specific. We recommend a towel, water bottle and sports clothing.

How can you train people in their homes?

We have a wide range of equipment to ensure you can safely work out in your home.

What about injuries?

We check for injuries and medical conditions in our health consultation and health appraisal. If you have any previous or existing injuries, you can still proceed with training if you and your GP approve.

Is a private personal training studio the same as a normal gym?

No. Private personal training studios are for personal trainers and their clients only, offering a far quieter and non invasive environment.

Is personal training suitable for beginners , or for people who are already fit?

Personal training is suitable for people of all levels. Our programs are tailored for specific individual at any level.

Online Personal Training

What is the primary method of communication?

We communicate via Email, telephone and video calling, whichever method you prefer.

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