Hi, my name is Adam Hoad and welcome to Body Formula. We offer personal training for those looking to get into great shape and improve body composition. We wanted to create the most effective method of scientific based personal training. We differ from other personal training organisations as we use DEXA scanning as a key component of our Formula packages. This allows us to tailor nutrition and training to you, resulting in tangible, measurable results that last, making us leading innovators in the fitness industry.

Our methods will improve confidence, health, fitness and empower you to be the best version of yourself. We understand personal training is not just about physical training, but also about coaching and wellbeing. We break down any psychological barriers that you may have. Forget paying for gym memberships for months on end only to see the same person staring back at you in the mirror one year later.


We train our clients in private personal training studios, where the focus is on you away from crowded commercial gyms. We also operate a mobile personal training service, so we can bring the gym to you for the same great personal training experience at the leisure of your home or outdoors.

We also offer online personal training for those who want to maximise results in the shortest time possible, who do not require 1 on 1 training. Our online training is unique in that we work face to face with clients as well as providing support 7 days a week.



  • dexaiconDexa
    Gold standard in body composition testing
  • Workout-iconPrivate personal training studios venues away from busy gyms
  • Freedom-of-location-and-time-iconMobile personal training Bring state of the art equipment right to your door
  • Communication-iconOnline Personal training Personal training on the move wherever and whenever
  • Expert-advice-iconGuaranteed
    Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results

Our trainers have undergone thorough training to ensure they deliver an exceptional service. Body Formula experts will help and motivate you achieve your results.

  • EIF (European Institute Of Fitness) Master Trainer
  • Certified nutrition coach
  • Certified exercise specialist
  • Fitness and motivation coach
  • REPs Level 3 certified
  • Certified in specific populations (Diabetes, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, older adults and pregnancy)


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